Apartment moving is the most stressful journey of your life, which also ends with a new home. If you are making such a trip with your family, then consider that all the neighbors already sympathize with you. It is aerobatics to carry out training camps, pack the belongings of all the household, disassemble furniture and not forget anything. However, everything is not so scary if you know the main nuances in advance – for this we suggest reading the 10 most important tips for self-organizing an apartment move.

1. Start with rahamilia. Believe me, there is no point in moving half of those things that you have accumulated during your life in your old house to a new apartment. Something broke, something is already irrelevant, something just didn’t like it. Therefore, carry out a competent decluttering.

2. Revision is followed by sorting. You cannot pack things anyhow: mix shoes with books, cosmetics with underwear. Sort all items by type and put them in groups.

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3. To minimize the number of items transported, temporarily store all clothes and shoes that are not for the current season, you can also send sports equipment and some personal items that you do not need immediately after moving.

4. Purchase packaging materials in advance – you will need boxes, bags, films (don’t forget the bubble wrap for anything fragile), as well as markers for marking the boxes.

5. Disassemble the furniture as much as possible – so it is easier and more reliable to transport it.

6. Close all internet and utility bills in your old apartment.

7. Sign all boxes with things: what’s inside and for which room.

8. It is more convenient to put clothes in vacuum bags.

9. Watch out for loading household appliances into the truck – the refrigerator should not be tilted and other things should not be put on the washing machine.

10. Determine the moving day in advance and book the truck and movers for that date.

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What if it still seems impossible to do? You can order a move from professionals – for example, at the Attic. The company provides services apartment moving in a turnkey format: the movers will come straight to your home, pack your things themselves, disassemble the furniture and move them to a new apartment. You have definitely never seen such an easy move!

Apartment moves are rare, but apt. On the strength of each person moves a couple of times in a lifetime, so here it is definitely worth entrusting the matter to professionals, so as not to waste time and energy.

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