On the eve of the fun run Uklon Night Run 2021, which will take place on September 4 in Kiev, we talk about unusual starts that will break the stereotype that running is boring and difficult, and will prove that it can be fun and bright.

Walt disney world marathon

The marathon takes place in the largest Disneyland in the world (Florida, USA) under the leadership of Disney Sport Enterprises. This is a real running holiday for those who want to return to childhood: the track passes through Disney theme parks, runners are supported by Disney heroes, and the medal will definitely be the brightest in your collection.

Star Wars Rival Run

The start for fans of the popular intergalactic saga “Star Wars” is held in Orlando (USA). You can choose which side of the power – dark or light – you want to run, become a stormtrooper or a Jedi, run next to Chubaka or Darth Vader. And, of course, get an original commemorative medal.

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Chocolate Run

For chocolate lovers, the Chocolate Run is held in Chicago. The distribution of sweets begins from the moment of the expo and the issuance of numbers. The starter pack contains a full bag of sweets. Chocolates are distributed throughout the 15-kilometer distance, and at the finish – themed medals in the form of a chocolate bar.

Mad inflatable race

A race that any child will be delighted with, but only trained adult athletes can do it. Five kilometers of the distance are filled with dozens of inflatable obstacles, which will take a lot of effort to overcome.

Cheese Run

This traditional race takes place annually in the UK. The competition starts on a hill, from which the organizers launch a loaf of cheese, and the participants run down after it. In the centuries-old history of competition, only a few runners have managed to catch cheese.

We hope that this variety of races has convinced you that running can be different. And already on September 4 Uklon night run you can feel the special vibe of the night run.

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The main rule of Uklon Night Run is: your run is your rules. Here you can be anyone and run your distance in any way: Darth Vader, your favorite Disney hero or Superman.

So get your costumes ready and don’t hold back your imagination! The cooler the suit, the more chances of winning the competition. Authors of the most original images will receive awards and prizes from the partners of the event: certificates for purchase in Adidas stores (6000 UAH for the first place, 5000 UAH for the second, 4000 UAH for the third).

The program of the event includes individual adult starts 2 km, 5 km and 10 km, team starts, children’s races and crazy DJ sets. In commemoration of the event, each Uklon Night Run 2021 finisher will receive a spinning disc medal.

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