Many different supplements, drugs, and remedies help lose and control body weight in the sports nutrition industry. Losing weight or making the drying process more effective can help cortisol blockers, fat/carbohydrate blockers, omega-3, vitamin-mineral complexes, proteins, BCAAs, diuretics, and anorectics. But the best fat burners are thermogenic, lipotropics, L-carnitine, and combined supplements with a synergistic enhancement of its components.

It would be best if you chose a fat burner for yourself first by gender and then individually. Men and women have different hormonal backgrounds, metabolic time, the structure of muscle fiber. But at the same time, each of us has its own metabolic rate. So remember, a sports nutrition supplement that helped your girlfriend (friend) lose extra pounds quickly may be completely inconsequential to you.

So which fat burners best increase the metabolic rate, block the absorption of fats and/or carbohydrates, suppress appetite, increase the membrane permeability of cells for fatty acids, break down and reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat? We offer you the TOP rating of 2021 7 best sports nutrition products for weight loss, which is based on the indicators of marketability on the Internet and real stores of the network

3 best fat burners sports nutrition for women

Fat burners’ best combination of components for the female body differs from male compositions for weight loss and muscle drying. They contain many substances of natural origin that do not have a stimulating effect on the glands that produce sex hormones.


The best fat burners for women are not one, but three. All of them are produced by the American brand Nutrex Research and combined into one series of Lipo-6 Black Hers. The basic composition of the active ingredients in these three popular female fat burners is approximately the same. The complex includes:

  • anhydrous caffeine – increases endurance, increases the secretion of adrenaline, increases the endurance of skeletal muscles;
  • synephrine (from bitter orange extract) – accelerates metabolism, increases sweating, improves the process of glucose utilization;
  • zingeron (from the root of African ginger) – stimulates thermogenesis and lipid breakdown, helps the body adapt to the process of intense loss of adipose tissue;
  • yohimbine hydrochloride – promotes a more rapid breakdown of subcutaneous fat, by blocking alpha-2-adrenergic receptors;
  • vinpocetine – improves mood, increases concentration and cognitive functions, contributes to an increase in ATP and cAMP in the tissues, which improves the strength indicators of skeletal muscles and stimulates the process of fat breakdown;
  • calcium + vitamins D, B9, B12.

In the composition of these complex fat burners, rosemary oil and resveratrol have many positive effects on maintaining health and preventing many diseases, including oncology.

Let’s list what the names are and what are the drugs from the series of fat burners for women Lipo-6 Black Hers:

  1. LIPO-6 BLACK HERS POWERFULL with a basic combination of active ingredients.
  2. LIPO-6 BLACK HERS 120 LIQUI-CAPS. In the production of these fat-burning capsules, the technology of the original multiphase system for the delivery of active substances is used. Some components are absorbed as quickly as possible, others within a few hours, and there are those that are released during the day.
  3. LIPO-6 BLACK HERS ULTRA CONCENTRATE. In addition to the new technology of different rates of release of active substances, the concentration of fat-burning components in these capsules is tripled. Therefore, instead of 6 capsules, which must be taken in the morning and until 18-00, you should drink only 2 capsules – one in the morning, and the second in the afternoon.
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All complex fat burners of the Lipo-6 Black HERS line from Nutrex Research differ from the male lipo-6 Black series in that they contain an extract from the Ayurvedic plant belonging to the genus Plantain – Bacopa Monnier. It has steroid saponins, which have a beneficial effect on the function of the organs of the female genitourinary sphere.

2- B-4


In second place in sales in 2021 was the female fat burner B-4 from BPI Sports. Here’s a combination of substances that helps you spend excess subcutaneous fat:

  • caffeine – increases the tone of the central nervous system and the work of the urinary system, increases endurance, increases the secretion of adrenaline, increases the endurance of skeletal muscles;
  • yohimbine – promotes fat burning by blocking alpha-2-adrenergic receptors;
  • extract from the flowers of the Chinese orchid Dendrobium noble – activates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, increases energy production, improves mood;
  • coumarins from Psoralea corylifolia – promotes the rapid breakdown of fat;
  • antercetin dihydrate – blocks the conversion of glucose into fat, prolongs the time before the onset of physical fatigue, reduces recovery time;
  • nicotinic acid – prevents the loss of muscle tissue during weight loss;
  • extract from the seeds of Canavalia Gladiata (sword beans or yatagan) – antioxidant support of the body in conditions of fat loss and preventing the deposition of new reserves.

Just a note. The alkaloids in Dendrobium noble in some women can increase appetite, but most tolerate weight loss with the help of B-4 fat burner BPI Sports without showing this side effect.



Fat burner from the Spanish manufacturer Quamtrax will appeal to women – supporters of healthy lifestyles, who prefer everything natural.

There are few components in these capsules, but they are natural and help maintain the body and physical shape in optimal condition, not adding extra pounds. This is possible thanks to Garcinia cambogia. It contains substances that accelerate glucose absorption by skeletal muscles, stimulate insulin production, and dull appetite. The capsules also have extracts from green tea leaves and green coffee beans, which have antioxidant and diuretic effects.

By the way, experience has proven that it is possible to increase (synergize) the fat-burning effect of FAT BURNER capsules by almost 50%. Additionally affecting the synthesis of adiponectin, which takes part in the metabolism of fatty acids and glucose. To do this, you need to drink capsules with raspberry ketones – RASPBERRY KETONES, which are produced by the same Spanish brand of sports nutrition Quamtrax.

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3 Best Fat Burners For Men

From sports nutrition supplements designed specifically for weight loss for women, fat burner formulations for men are distinguished by increased dosages, the presence of substances that enhance testosterone production, and the possible presence in the composition of such aggressive stimulants, for example, as geranium or ephedra.



Fat burner, produced by the famous North American brand of sports nutrition UNIVERSAL ANIMAL CUTS – ANIMAL NUTRITION, is the best combined synergistic thermogenetic for men. Get rid of excess fat helps a unique composition of a large number of components of natural and artificial origin:

  • increase sweating in training – synephrine, octopamine, tyramine, EGGG, L-tannin, phenylethylamine;
  • activate lipolysis – betaine, choline citrate, inositol monophosphate;
  • increase metabolism – guarana and L-carnitine;
  • accelerate urination – thoraxol, taraxerol, arbutin, methyl-arbutin;
  • enhance the production of TK and T4 – soy isoflavones, guggulsterones;
  • contribute to the release of insulin – alpha-lipoic acid, polynicotinat and chromium picolinate.

Other effects that help the body lose weight provide niacin, vitamin B6, phosphate, phosphatidylcholine, inosine, hypericin, L-tyrosine, hydroxycitric acid, L-phenylalanine. There is also an extract of grapefruits, cola nuts, white willow bark, ginger root, white, red, green tea, and oolong leaves, extracts of olive leaves, sage, dandelion, and St. John’s wort, raspberry ketones.



In second place in the ranking of the Best fat burners, 2021 for men is deservedly LIPO-6 BLACK EXTREME POTENCY from Nutrex Research (USA). Almost all of its components are aggressive, enhance the effect of each other, and their concentration is designed for the average weight of men. The composition includes 6 components:

  • synephrine and forskolin – increase the secretion of testosterone;
  • caffeine, beta-phenylethylamine and zingerone – increase the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, accelerating the destruction and ingress of fatty acids into the blood, which muscles use as an energy source;
  • yohimbine – blocks alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, thereby promoting fat burning.

Women are not recommended to take this fat burner since the male sex hormone – testosterone is also produced. In small quantities, such products occur in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Stimulation of testosterone production in women will lead to a violation of the hormonal balance and many health problems, up to the development of breast cancer.

And men, due to the presence of testosterone-stimulating components, it is necessary to take LIPO-6 BLACK EXTREME POTENCY by observing the recommended dosage and taking breaks: 8 weeks of admission – 4 weeks of rest. This scheme will protect the testicles and adrenal glands from hormonal dysfunction.

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Produced by the American sports nutrition brand, RedCon1 fat burner DOUBLE TAP is recommended primarily for those men who find it difficult to tolerate hunger, as it has an appetite-inhibiting extract from exotic fruits. And to break down fat and get energy from it for training help: acetyl L-Carnitine hydrochloride, caffeine and caffeine malate, extracts from dandelion flowers, green tea leaves, and juniper berries.

FAT BURNER DOUBLE TAP is also widely popular among professional bodybuilders and athletes of other sports when they are in the period of drying muscle mass. This fat burner allows to get rid of the fat layer quickly and increase special endurance and strength indicators.

Best Unisex Sports Fat Burner

The new formula of Lipo-6 Black – Intense, from the famous American brand of sports nutrition Nutrex Research, quickly came to “taste” and proved its super effective in getting rid of excess fat, both among men and women. The improved combined supplement deservedly took the top of the TOP rating The best fat burners 2021.

The composition of the fat burner Lipo-6 Black Intense includes:

  • theobromine and natural anhydrous caffeine – accelerate lipid metabolism, enhance the formation and excretion of urine, improve the functioning of the central nervous system and the brain;
  • extract of Paradise grains (Meleget pepper) – accelerates the process of fat breakdown, eliminates the hypertensive effects of caffeine, increases sweating during physical exertion;
  • n-acetyl form of L-tyrosine – enhances lipid metabolism;
  • yohimbine hydrochloride (extract from the roots of the Yohimbe tree) – blocks alpha-adrenergic receptors, which facilitates the process of burning subcutaneous fat;
  • yohimbine hydrochloride and rauwolccin (diastereomer yohimbine) – prevent jumps in blood pressure, improve mood, increase libido, weaken the mechanism of fat storage, block alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, which helps faster fat burning.

Attention! Lipo-6 Black – Intense will not help everyone lose weight. It is forbidden to take it for those who have increased production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4 since a sufficiently high dose contained in the composition of this powerful fat burner L-tyrosine will inevitably contribute to an even greater increase in the synthesis of these hormones.

In conclusion, we recommend those who want to lose weight not only to take some, albeit the best fat burner of sports nutrition, adhering to the recommendations for their reception, printed in the instructions. Of course, it will be necessary to increase the consumption of clean water, follow a low-energy keto or low-carbohydrate diet, as well as train accordingly:

  • 3-4 times a week – strength training;
  • 2-3 times a week – high-intensity cardio training;
  • 2 times a week – low-intensity cardio sessions;
  • 1 day a week is a day off.

In addition to a sports fat burner, men and women who want to lose weight can take clenbuterol, sibutramine, orlistat, acarbose.

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