Excessive eccentric, static, TRX-Legs, TRX-Upper and Basic 3D training loads, training for strength or muscle hypertrophy, as well as unusual, new or already familiar exercises, but with a change in the execution technique – all of them can cause pain. … Our athletes call them muscle soreness and overseas athletes with DOMS.

What is DOMS

Dropsy is understood as a set of different uncomfortable sensations in the muscles that arise after certain stress types, not immediately but after 6–48 hours. Severe dyspnea manifests itself as an acute burning sensation and pain, manifested 48–72 hours after training.

DOMS has 3 common symptoms:

  1. In addition to pain, DOMS is characterized by a significant decrease in muscle performance, especially the indicator of maximum strength.
  2. With repeated lightweight loading with identical biomechanics of movement, the pain sensations disappear for a while.
  3. 3-7 days after occurrence muscle soreness will pass by itself.

If muscle pain occurs immediately after exercise/load and does not go away or does not appear immediately but does not disappear even after a week, you should go to the doctor. This is not soreness but a symptom of injury or illness.

Why does dyspathy occur after physical exertion?

DOMS or muscle soreness due to mechanical and metabolic reasons:

  • overload and microtrauma of individual muscle fibers, damage to their membranes and intracellular structures;
  • changes in the concentration of intracellular Ca;
  • ingestion of destroyed muscle proteins (creatine kinase, myoglobin, and MHC proteins) into the blood;
  • the development of inflammation and delayed penetration of macrophages into the damaged muscle tissue;
  • an increase in the concentration of acute phase proteins released from the liver to restore damaged structures.

But discomfort and dizziness are a consequence of the swelling of muscle fibers and irritation of pain receptors located in the connective tissue membranes surrounding the muscle fibers. Pain occurs when the myelin sheath of receptors comes into contact with lactic acid molecules, hydrogen ions, and endogenous substances. An excess of lactic acid in muscle tissue is “washed out” slowly and gradually, and hydrogen ions and other endogenous decay products are constantly formed during the inflammatory process and then during intensive regeneration.

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How to get rid of DOMS: effective methods

Survive the lung muscle soreness is not difficult. Many even enjoy it and deliberately give themselves just such a load during training so that the next day they experience a feeling of mild pain and psychological satisfaction. And if there was strong dyspnea, what to do? Here are a few ways to help reduce the manifestation of DOMS pain, remove lactic acid from the body faster, and restore muscle tissue faster.

Motor warm-up

It is not resting, but the movement that will help to remove the pain syndrome DOMS. Periodic performance of simple exercises for a group of muscle sore muscles will accelerate blood and lymph circulation, help relieve puffiness, saturate the regenerated tissues with oxygen and give them an influx of nutrients, albeit temporarily, but cleanse pain receptors from contact with irritant substances and accelerate their excretion from the body.

By the way, during the period of muscle soreness, you do not need to skip training. Early admission will help to cope with the planned loads and not get a strong DOMS syndrome. ZMA or Tribulus, in the evening on the eve of training, – 1-3 capsules, or encapsulated caffeine, 30-60 minutes before training – 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight,

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Drinking regime and drinks

With dyspepsia, it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumed by including in the menu:

  • green tea with sage;
  • natural cherry or sea buckthorn juice;
  • red tea or ground black coffee with lemon.

When muscle soreness, sports doctors advise drinking not a favorite brand of table mineral water but alkaline – Luzhanskaya.

Contrasting water treatments

A contrast shower + rubbing tincture or gel with renovation into the problem area will help relieve delayed muscle pain.

Sauna, massage, exercises with GRID Foam Roller

A trip to the sauna/bath, a special deep myofascial massage, or vice versa, a relaxing massage in the spa or Turkish baths will help remove the decay products from the muscle damaged by muscle soreness.

How to get rid of soreness

Promote the fastest muscle regeneration after muscle soreness. You can also use the gymnastics release with the GRID Foam Roller (massage roller for yoga). We remind you that in the fight against DOMS in the complex of rolling, “exercises” should include several exercises for gentle passive stretching of the inflamed muscle fibers.

Long distance running

Some athletes with sore legs get rid of it faster by running long distances. But this method does not work for everyone since it is necessary to guess the mileage of the distance and select the required running speed. You can try to replace long runs with movements that most often cause sore legs – running downhill and jumping.


Ice compresses can help mitigate the effects and severity of DOMS pain syndrome. The method of application is the same as for post-trauma care. The applied cold must be dry. The duration of one cold compress should not exceed 20 minutes. The minimum pause between cold procedures should not be less than 20-30 minutes at severe dyspnea.

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If for any reason you endure muscle soreness no more strength, do not torture yourself – take a pill or use an ointment/gel with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). In such cases, medications containing ibuprofen, diclofenac, or ketoprofen help. In addition, you can drink a muscle relaxant, for example, Midocalm, Sirdalud.

Is it possible and how to prevent the onset of DOMS?

Anticipate the appearance of muscle soreness or to make its manifestations not severe pain, but slight discomfort will help:

  1. Compliance with the rules dictating that you start your workout with a thorough warm-up and end it with a stretch hitch. Inclusion in the warm-up / cool-down set of exercises with the GRID Foam Roller. Pre-workout massage or self-massage.
  2. Take a 10 minute very hot shower immediately after your workout.
  3. Sportpit:

In cases of the urgent need to forestall the onset of DOMS, you can take advantage of the knowledge that alcohol is a catalyst for the gluconeogenesis of lactic acid.

Supplements from the article for the prevention of sore throat


DOMS is neither good nor bad, as there is no direct correlation between the occurrence of DOMS and the effectiveness of the training that triggers it. Pain only confirms the course of adaptation processes in the body, and its absence does not mean that the training load was insufficient. However, if your goal is to build muscle mass, then the load components should be increased, selecting them so that the next day after training in the muscles, not a strong soreness appears, but a slight pleasant discomfort.

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