There are definitely such colleagues in your office kitchen. These characters work next to you every day, and one of them is you.


Logisticians are masters of order, clear deadlines and hard work. They will never work with people who miss deadlines or follow established workflows.

What is their role in the team? Logisticians are committed to absolute reliability and uncompromising honesty. Order, consistency, norms and rules are at the heart of everything they undertake.

How to work with them? Be proactive and keep promises. Clarify your role and agree on your responsibilities, and most importantly, be sure to fulfill them.


Independent, persistent, hardworking. Self-confident, decisive, straightforward. Architects are lone professionals who will always choose to do the work on their own rather than share responsibilities with a team that will only slow them down. People of this type have a keen mind, which can make them appear arrogant, pompous and overconfident.

What is their role in the team? Architects always tackle intellectually rewarding and challenging tasks that require innovative approaches to accomplish.

How to work with them? Give architects a clear task, give them the resources they need. And most importantly, leave them alone. Teamwork is definitely not for them.


Rational, freedom-loving, calm, restrained, but always ready to take risks. They are mysterious and enigmatic. Virtuosos don’t give up quickly, they are ready to try and try again and again. They value independence and justice very much.

What is their role in the team? Virtuosos are distinguished by a sense of humor, they know how to defuse a tense situation and successfully joke at the right time.

How to work with them? These are people who can be tasked with immediate tasks. They will deal with everything faster than others with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.


They love people, easily establish contact, can quickly make friends with someone and easily adapt to different social circles. Companions are creative, empatiini, interesting, energetic. They offer unexpected ideas, but they find it difficult to implement them. They have difficulty concentrating on practical tasks, being attentive and concentrating on details.

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What is their role in the team? Companions are ideal team players who love to learn and have exceptional teamwork skills.

How to work with them? Guide your companions and help them stay focused. It is not easy for them.


They are born leaders. An explosive combo of charisma, intelligence and confidence allows you to win over followers and followers. Easily convince colleagues to follow them and work on their ideas.

What is their role in the team? Commanders are strong-willed, persistent, firm and impatient, doing everything and even more to achieve their goals.

How to work with them? They are interested only in the opinion of those who are on the same level with them. Demonstrate competence and confidence, and back up any advice with real-world experience.


They are logical in the truest sense of the word. Inventive, quick-witted, smart, creative. Employees of this type can be overly introverted and withdrawn. Because of their mysteriousness, they often appear selfish, indifferent, and devoid of a sense of empathy.

What is their role in the team? Logicians love to experiment, explore ideas vigorously and enthusiastically, and test theories in practice.

How to work with them? Entrust them with an asterisk problem and do not interfere. Let your colleague do their job in peace.


Adventurers live in the moment, and the greatest pleasure they get from the realization of their hobbies. They are spontaneous, unpredictable and do not know how to plan the future at all. They are loved for their inexhaustible cheerfulness, irresistible charisma and dedication. Adventurers are in a permanent search for themselves. Self-realization is of key importance to them.

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What is their role in the team? Adventurers are focused on the outside world, can be overly benevolent, or put their own interests first.

How to work with them? Make the most of their unpredictability and intelligence. Adventurers can always be entrusted with an ambiguous or even incomprehensible case.


They are idealistic, have a good imagination, and choose a career that requires creative approaches. However, introverted biases lead mediators to concentrate too much on their thoughts and ignore deadlines, data, and other practical aspects.

What is their role in the team? Mediators always strive for harmony and bring meaning to any work. They really want to help and put all their energy into people and business.

How to work with them? Convince them of your idea or mission and give them personal space to fly creatively.


Charismatic, original, artistic – they love to be in the spotlight. Social professions are great for them, but people of this type tend to quickly lose interest and concentration.

What is their role in the team? The artists’ job is to create a unique atmosphere and make their colleagues laugh.

How to work with them? Don’t be too serious and strict. Artists appreciate lightness. Talk to them on distant topics before getting down to business.


They believe that only hard work can lead to success. For them, extremely important rules, law, order and norms in everything. People of this type do not tolerate laziness, disorder, deception. Honesty is a priority. Officials have big ambitions, they have enough motivation to move up the career ladder.

What is their role in the team? They can control others, but they do not always succeed. Officials cannot admit in any way that all people are different. They find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone might think differently.

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How to work with them? Demonstrate a willingness to follow the rules, be honest in everything, and be fair to everyone.


Loyal, responsive, sympathetic, attentive. They do not like to change, it is difficult for them to meet expectations. They are often anxious and can easily become depressed. Defenders are perfectionists, extremely responsible, have a heightened sense of duty.

What is their role in the team? They passionately and loyally defend the people and things that matter to them.

How to work with them? Employees of this type will not ask for help, but they will definitely come in handy. Ask what you can do for them.


Cheerful, charged, positive, energetic. They love people and are happy to help them. It is very difficult for consuls to cope with their heightened sensitivity and emotionality. They do not tolerate criticism and rejection.

What is their role in the team? Individuals of this type want to always be desirable and are needed everywhere. They agree to anything to feel their importance.

How to work with them? Treat consuls with understanding, acknowledge their efforts and measure their achievements.


Innovators, rebels, risk-takers. They tend to use all opportunities, not think about the consequences and take everything from life. People of this type achieve success in society, they love to learn new things, they believe that the rules are created in order to break them.

What is their role in the team? Entrepreneurs will always come up with extraordinary ideas and look at the problem from an unexpected angle. These are people who have the courage to say no when everyone around them says yes.

How to work with them? Encourage them to do something new and risky. Office and corporate environment – the story is definitely not about them.

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