Preparing a child for first grade is a complex event. In addition to buying school supplies and clothing, it is important to pay attention to the psychological and physical preparation of the preschooler. Let’s talk about the details that are important to pay attention to first.

Train your attention and concentration

It is necessary to teach the child to complete the work begun. Try to give the preschoolers tasks and allocate specific deadlines for their completion. The child should be able to concentrate on the task for at least 20 minutes. Gradually, the training time can be increased up to 30-40 minutes.

Develop a daily routine

It is essential to develop the habit of getting up and going to bed at the same time. Thus, it will be easier for the child to adapt to the school regime. Even if the preschool child studies in the second shift, still teach him to wake up early in the morning. Also, set aside time for the required classes. Do not deviate from the regime. Gradually, the baby himself will get used to this routine.

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Develop intellectual skills

It is not necessary to force the child to sit over copybooks and books. It is enough to develop several skills that will make it easier to master and memorize the curriculum. This requires:

  • Stimulate the future student to master new information. Keep him interested with educational books, films, excursions and walks. Always answer the child’s questions if they are aimed at mastering new information.
  • Teach a preschooler to communicate. He must be able to find a common language with other children and adults. Also, the future first grader should understand that his words can offend other people. He must be able to conduct a dialogue, listen and hear the interlocutor.
  • Develop logic. Use a variety of programs or exercises from books for this. Such tasks should be of interest to the preschooler. You can do puzzles or crossword puzzles with your child.

In no case does not pressure the preschooler, forcing him to sit over assignments and books through tears. Do not scold him if some exercise comes out a little worse. And the most important rule that every parent must remember – never and under no circumstances compare your child with others!

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Don’t be afraid to expose your child to mild stress.

The first year of school is the most stressful for a child. It is especially difficult for children who were overly protected from natural experiences in preschool life. What can be done in this situation? If your child has never been to kindergarten, send him to kindergarten, even for a couple of months. Find circles and sections of interest for him. Let him communicate with peers as much as possible. Do not shield him from natural experiences.

No scary stories about school life

Do not overload the first grader with the horrors of school life. There is no need to scare the child with the director, bad grades, or exclusion. In this case, the baby will go to first grade with already negative emotions. Remember the benefits of positive thinking. It is perfect for remembering a couple of interesting and kind stories from your school life and share your memories with your child.

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Explore the route to school

Start exploring the route to school, especially if the school is far from home. Take evening walks with your child and explain the rules of behavior on the road and public transport. Teach your preschooler to walk the same way. This will make it easier for you to meet him when needed.

Be sure to explain to your child what the school is for. Teach the future first-grader to communicate with people and express their thoughts clearly. Talk about classroom rules and breaks. If possible, take a tour of the school. By the beginning of the school year, your child should be fairly independent. In addition to reading and writing skills, he must learn to dress independently, pack a briefcase, and tie his shoelaces.

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