Every woman takes care of her manicure, striving to make her nails healthy and beautiful. However, this is not always possible. If the nail plates are fragile or, even worse, exfoliate, then folk remedies can help. How to strengthen nails with home cosmetology recipes?

A huge number of negative factors influences the state of the nails:

  • contact with detergents, hard water;
  • deficiency in the body of vitamins and minerals;
  • frequent application of varnish, use of acetone.

We offer a selection of the best baths. They are very effective and easy to prepare!

Oil baths for nails

Put some iodine in warmed olive oil. Submerge your nails and let them sit for twenty minutes. Can iodine be replaced with lemon juice? It is an effective way to get rid of yellow nails. With the help of warm oil baths, they become strong, break off and exfoliate less. It is also an excellent prevention of burrs on the hands.

Salt baths for hands at home

Dissolve sea salt or table salt (three tablespoons) in warm water. If desired, lemon juice or iodine can be poured into the concentrated solution.

Why does sea salt help strengthen nails? It contains a whole range of mineral compounds. You can see how even the most brittle plates on the fingers become strong and grow quickly after a vacation at sea. Note that the salt should not contain any additives, dyes, or flavors. To enhance the effects of the salt bath, apply a nourishing cream to your hands after the procedure and wear cotton gloves—result: beautiful, strong nails and velvety hands without cracks or flaking.

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Wax sealing of nails

The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that useful substances are rubbed into the nail plates, creating a protective film. The result lasts for 14-21 days. The sealing has a beneficial effect on the nails, as a result of which they do not flake or break off (effective for recovery after build-up).

Recipe: Soak sea salt and use a cotton swab to rub it into the nail plates. Prepare melted beeswax by adding any oil (olive, almond, peach) to it. Then rub the resulting mixture into your nails, also using a cloth. After the procedure, please treat them with a soft file.

How to strengthen nails with gelatin

Gelatin contains collagen, vitamin PP, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron. The tool can be used both for baths and inside.

Recipe: Dilute 2 tsp. The gelatin in warm water (100 ml), leave for half an hour until it swells completely, and heat with continuous stirring. Refrigerate the mixture and immerse your fingers for a quarter of an hour. Gelatin baths are done twice a week for two months.

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Iodine for peeling nails

To prevent your nails from flaking, lubricate them every night with a cotton swab soaked in iodine. After application, they will be yellow, but the product will be absorbed by the morning, and they will acquire their usual color. Iodine contains alcohol, so it should not be used too often: the skin around the nails can become dry and thin.

Iodine is applied with a cotton swab without touching the skin near the nails.

Do not apply more than one layer of the product.

The number of procedures – no more than 2 times in 30 days.

Baths for nails with iodine

Add five drops of iodine to the sea salt solution. Leave your fingertips in the mixture for ten minutes. The procedure is completely safe for nails: the risk of getting a burn is reduced to zero.

The lemon-iodine bath has an effective effect. Heat slightly olive oil (1 tablespoon), mix with fresh lemon juice and iodine (3-4 drops each). Stir the composition and use it to rub in. After a while, soak the excess with a dry cloth.

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The orange-iodine bath is prepared according to the same scheme as the previous folk remedy. Squeeze the juice from citrus fruits, mix with warm water (1: 1) and three drops of iodine. What is the main benefit of an orange iodine bath? Replenishment of the deficiency of vitamins (ascorbic acid), strengthening, and prevention of exfoliation.

How to strengthen your nails: tips and tricks

  1. Before doing your homework, be sure to wear rubber gloves, not forgetting to first lubricate your hands with cream.
  2. To fill the lack of vitamins, include dairy products, fish, herbs, fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  3. Can’t use a rough metal nail file? better with a glass file from 220 grit. Shape dry nails, not after steaming and bathing.
  4. To increase the flow of blood and the supply of nutrients to the nail plates, do not forget to massage this area daily (paying attention to your fingers).
  5. Use special nail hardeners or homemade products regularly.

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