When going on vacation, girls take a lot of cosmetics and clothes with them. It is better to take more dresses and cool outfits on the trip than cosmetics, half of which will not be used. Experts have compiled a “basic” cosmetic bag, with the most necessary funds for vacation.

Sunscreen for face and body

There are 3 forms of products – oil, cream and spray. Which one is the best to use?

A cream or oil is suitable for light and sensitive skin. There is not much difference among them, so you can use both. At the beginning of the rest, it is recommended to use these funds. The oil is suitable for tanned skin, as it has minimal sun protection and is aimed at increasing tanning. This remedy should be used in the middle of a vacation.

After sun lotion

This product is necessary in order to restore sun-damaged skin, to give an even tan, and also to moisturize the skin of the body.

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Sunscreen for hair

Such a remedy will effectively save the hair structure from damage, as well as give it a healthy look and shine. The best budget sunscreens for hair are: L’Oreal Paris Elseve Conditioner, Bielita Hair Sensation Hair Spray.

Hair oil

The sun and sea water “suck” moisture from the hair, so it is important to use hair oil in the evening to maintain health and beauty.


This is an excellent remedy for quick “resuscitation” of the skin in case of sunburn. It is better to use a spray, as it is convenient to apply and works more effectively. The product quickly soothes and moisturizes the skin, relieves redness and improves regeneration.

Hygienic lipstick

This is a must-have remedy for the whole year. In the summertime, the skin of the lips is very sensitive to sea water and hot temperatures, so the lips should always be moisturized.

Nourishing face cream

This product is perfect for moisturizing the skin after an active sunny day. It is better to use it at night.

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Eye contour gel

Perfect for the skin around the eyes – a gel with a light texture. It nourishes the skin with moisture and protects from direct exposure to sunlight, while keeping in mind that the skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable spot for the appearance of early wrinkles.

Moisturizing mask

You should definitely take about 5 cloth masks with you. They are comfortable to use and will also help relieve fatigue after a flight and give your skin a fresh and natural look.

Matting napkins

For owners of oily and combination skin, it is recommended to take a package of matting wipes with them. During prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin of the face becomes oily, so you can blot the skin with a napkin and remove excess fat. After that, you can apply powder to slow down the excessive activity of the secretion of subcutaneous sebum.

Tips for an even tan:

The most harmless and protected tan can be obtained from 8 to 12 in the morning, and from 16 in the evening. From 12 to 16 it is better to spend time not under the scorching sun, but simply relaxing in your room.

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Sunscreen should be applied right before going outside, because UV protection is needed from the first minutes of exposure to the sun.

Dermatologists recommend that you apply sunscreen all over your skin, not on areas not covered by clothing.
Sunscreen needs to be applied every 60 minutes to avoid sunburn and to adapt to the sun’s rays.

These tools and rules will greatly help you enjoy your vacation without unnecessary problems.

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