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Three-phase nutrition program

Three phase nutrition program FitCurves Three-phase nutrition program

In 1992, Gary and Diane Hevin developed the Curves Diet Program. The goal was to create a weight management scheme that addresses the unique dietary and exercise needs of women.

Today, the FitCurves Diet is a personalized, customizable three-phase meal plan focused on metabolic recovery.

Can you lose weight after the FitCurves Nutrition Program?

The best answer would be results research series 2004 by Richard Kreider. The test group, which followed the Curves plan for 10 weeks, combined exercise in a network of fitness clubs and diet. Each participant, on average, managed to lose 6 kilograms, lose 5 cm at the hips and 8 cm at the waist. In addition, the metabolic system, blood cholesterol levels, heart rate and blood pressure at rest were normalized.

On a regular diet, 50% of the weight loss comes from metabolically active muscles, which reduces resting energy expenditure (REE) and makes it even easier to gain weight with fewer calories.

The combination of strength training and the FitCurves diet is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, increases REE levels and protects muscles. This leads to the burning of fat stores and makes it possible to eat healthy amounts of food.

Feeding phases in the FitCurves program

The diet plan has three phases:

Phase 1 lasts 7 days. The main goal of the first week is to consume 1200 calories per day over three meals and two snacks.

During this period, there is an active decrease in weight due to the fact that initially the body gets rid of excess fluid, and not fat. The explanation is simple. First, water is 60% body weight. Second, the body stores energy in the form of fat and glycogen. Water is also required to store the latter. Accordingly, the first thing that is depleted is their reserves.

Phase 2 lasts until the end of the month (23 days). During this period, a protein or carbohydrate diet begins, depending on the individual goals and needs of the person. The number of calories consumed per day increases to 1500-1800.

The study already mentioned above showed that the combination of strength training and such a diet leads to weight loss in 95% of cases due to the burning of fat.

Phase 3 has no time limit. It is assumed that the acquired habit of proper nutrition after the first two phases is fixed and remains forever. The body gets used to the new regime, diet, weight, stress and adapts. It is important here to maintain the result and continue to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, you can repeat all phases again.

To monitor the results, measurements are taken at FitCurves Women’s Club every month. They are compared and help track progress and dynamics, as well as make adjustments in time.

Menu FitCurves nutrition programs

Each participant receives a food diary, in which she notes her favorite foods, on the basis of which the diet is drawn up. That is why everyone has an individual diet.

But it is important to clarify that all junk food containing trans fats, sugar, simple carbohydrates, large amounts of salt, spices, etc. is excluded. It includes: semi-finished products, most bakery and confectionery products, chips, soda, etc.Foods that are most commonly found in FitCurves meal plans include: whole grains, eggs, chicken breast, turkey, lean beef, tuna, salmon, cottage cheese, fruits, various types of herbs and vegetables (the latter can be eaten in unlimited quantities).


A person is able to change his body composition only through diet, without exercise. However, their combination provides maximum efficiency. You have probably heard about the generally accepted weight loss formula, in which 80% of success is devoted to diet and 20% to sports. While this distribution has not been scientifically proven, it clearly demonstrates that calories are easier to consume than burn. And it’s hard to argue with that.

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