Cyanocobalamin or vitamin B12 is needed by the body for the normal functioning of the neurons in the brain and the central nervous system as a whole. For the synthesis of DNA, erythrocytes, myelin, creatine and some enzymes, you need vitamin B12. What products contain is it a water-soluble biologically active chelate and how much should be consumed to cover the daily requirement? In adults with a sedentary lifestyle, the daily intake of B12 is 3 mcg, while for athletes it is 9 mcg. The maximum dose of B12 is 500 mcg / day.

B12 deficiency leads to anemia (iron deficiency anemia), memory impairment, limb numbness, and increased fatigue. Hypervitaminosis B12 practically does not occur, since this vitamin “knows how” to be stored in the liver. However, doses that are too high increase the risk of lung cancer in men, especially those who smoke.

For athletes, B12 is important, since it takes part in the synthesis of amino acids and the metabolism of carbohydrates in skeletal muscles, through the enhancement of hematopoiesis, it stimulates the growth of muscle fibers and supports their contractile function, helps the formation and maintenance of coordination of movements.

Vitamin B12 in meat products

The B12 champion is beef liver. In 100 g of unfrozen product, its content ranges from 80–130 μg, and in the frozen state it drops to 50–80 μg. Pork liver follows – 60 mcg, and then beef kidneys, in 100 g of which can contain from 20 to 50 mcg of cyanocobalamin. Bronze medal and stable 30 μg / 100 g B12 in chicken liver and 25 μg / 100 g in beef heart. In 100 g of cooked chicken hearts, 7.3 mcg of cyanocobalamin is usually present.

As for the meat itself, there is not very much cyanocobalamin vitamin in it (in 100 g of thermally processed product):

  • beef – 2.6;
  • pork and lamb – 2;
  • turkey red meat -1-1.9;
  • turkey breast – 0.4;
  • chicken red meat – 0.3;
  • chicken breast – 0.2.

Among all types of meat, the rabbit “boasts” the highest amount of cyanocobalamin – 4 μg / 100 g.

B12 content in fish and seafood

Cyanocobalamin is also found in seafood. Let’s list the most “significant representatives”, 100 grams of which contain the following amount of μg B12:

  • octopuses – 36;
  • mussels – 24;
  • mackerel – 19;
  • herring – 13;
  • trout – 7.5.

Those who love red caviar should know that 100 g of this product contains about 11 mcg of B12. We will also mention the fact that vitamin B12 is completely absent in the healthiest seaweed and in everyone’s favorite shrimp.

How much B12 do dairy products and eggs contain?

Most cyanocobalamin is present in cheeses. Its content varies depending on the variety and fat content in the range from 0.8 to 3.6 μg per 100 g. In the standard fat content of cottage cheese and fermented milk drinks there is about 0.5 μg B12, in milk 3.7% – 0.4 μg / 100 ml, but butter is not present at all.

The content of B12 in 1 raw chicken egg is 2.1 μg (2.0 μg in the yolk + 0.1 μg in the protein). When eggs are heat treated, the content of cyanocobalamin is reduced to 1.1 μg. Raw goose and duck eggs contain the most B12 – 5.4 and 5.1 mcg, respectively.

B12 and plant foods

Many vegans are interested in which plant foods contain vitamin B12. Standard Answer: Sources of vitamin B12 are organ meats, meats, cow’s milk cheeses, and eggs. Cyanocobalamin is not found in vegetables, fruits or berries, or in cereals and legumes. Alas, B12 is also absent from mushrooms and nuts.


It is more convenient to replenish vitamin B12 deficiency or to prevent its occurrence with the help of a sports nutrition supplement – a liquid drinking form ULTRA B-12 from NOW FOODS (USA) or capsules VITAMIN B-12 5000 MCG F / D from NATROL (USA). For those taking medication for heartburn, stomach / duodenal ulcers or diabetes mellitus, the B12 regimen should be checked with a doctor.

The course of vitamin B12 – once every 6/12 months – is indicated for those who have diseases of the lower part of the small intestine or have low acidity of the stomach, who take metformin on an ongoing basis, age 50+, vegans and vegetarians, athletes and bodybuilders. B12 is a must-have for vegetarian bodybuilders.

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